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The love for traditional Argentine cuisine, surprising combinations

and the best (as much as possible) local ingredients with pure,

intense flavors makes BAIRES an unprecedented pleasure every time.



Empanada literally means “wrapped in dough” in Spanish and comes from the verb empanar, which means to wrap. Empanadas are the ultimate comfort food, easy to eat, super crispy on the outside and creamy, juicy on the inside. For everyone, suitable for any time of day and any occasion. All empanadas – from dough to filling – we make in our own kitchen with carefully selected and local ingredients, without artificial additives.

In Latin American countries, the empanada has been popular for centuries. There it has a long history and tradition. In the Netherlands, however, the empanada is still relatively unknown. We at BAIRES wanted to change that. With us you eat the traditional Argentine empanada with a filling of beef, onion, peppers and raisins. But we also have a vegan version on the menu with sweet potato, fresh wild spinach, corn and almonds. The variations and possibilities with empanadas are endless!

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

We have a big variety of first quality argentine products. In our stores we can give you advice if you don’t know what to taste.


Our empanadas bring the flavor, the color, the ingredients, the seasonings and the aromas of every corner of our country argentina.

An empanada is the multiplicity of traditions and cultures of our country made into food.




Argentines love sweet, so we just have to put that on the menu. Changing variations of real sweet delicacy from Latin America.

Come to taste our homemade pastry!

We baked every day


argentinean wines

Argentine wines are those with a great concentration, volume, expressive, very fruity and with a very pleasant tannicity, which can be consumed from young to those that are prepared for aging to be consumed after many years.


With the empanadas we serve sauce of your choice, which you can also buy from us by the bottle to take home or with your order. Think of the one and only Chimichurri and Salsa Picante, they also taste good with BBQ and satay.

coffee and drinks

In our store we serve specialty coffee, delicious fresh lemonade and of course yerba mate. A typical Argentine drink.
We also sell a selection of quality Argentine wines for your home.

argentinean delicacies

We have the finest argentine products of the highest quality brands, in our stores you can find dulce de leche, sweet potato and quince jelly, alfajores, cookies, herbs, mates and much more!

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lunch, drinks & dinner

Delicious for lunch, as a snack or for dinner with a fresh salad. With empanadas you can really do anything. Nutritious, easy and healthy; they are baked in the oven and not fried.

Something to celebrate? Order the ideal snack from BAIRES. Our products can easily be baked in the oven, so you can enjoy fresh, warm empanadas on location.